Brewing happiness, one cup at a time. 
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    Visit our Tea Studio

    Explore, taste and purchase tea.

  • Organic Darjeeling tea collection
    Darjeeling, the champagne of teas

    We are a US-based Organic Darjeeling tea specialist, bringing you the best and freshest from the Organic tea farms of the region directly.

  • Organic Oolong
    Artisan Organic Oolongs

    Our oolongs come from Songboling a village in Nantou Province in Taiwan where our tea farmer's family has been making oolongs for generations

  • Chai Tea
    Handcrafted Organic Chai

    Made using the most fresh and aromatic spices in traditional style, there is nothing but goodness in our chai. No sugary artificial anything added!

  • Organic Herbal Tea
    Organic Herbal Tisanes

    Our herbal teas are made from freshest of organic herbs to make not just healthy but excellent tasting teas

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