Brewing happiness, one cup at a time. 
  • http://happyearthtea.com/collections/grand-cru-himalaya-teas

    Grand Cru Himalaya ~ Nepal and Darjeeling Tea

  • Taiwan Oolong Tea
    Tea Master's Oolong

    Enjoy our "Special Reserve" oolongs from Taiwan, curated by a local Tea Master.

  • Organic Green Tea
    Teas from 100% Organic sources

    We procure our teas from 100% USDA-certified Organic sources.

  • http://happyearthtea.com/collections/herbal
    Herbal Tisanes

    Our herbal teas are made with fresh herbs from organic and fair trade sources. They are healing, soothing and delicious. No flavorings, natural or synthetic, have been added.

  • http://happyearthtea.com/pages/tea-studio
    Tea Studio

    Located in the historic Hungerford Building on Main Street, Rochester, NY you can drop in to purchase tea and also enjoy tastings, education or just to sip a cup in a relaxing atmosphere. While here you can also enjoy pottery by Kumagama Clay Studio.

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