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Puttabong, Darjeeling First Flush 2018 (Organic)


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Darjeeling Spring #4.

An early harvest (DJ4) first flush 2018 tea using top quality Darjeeling clonals with a complex fruity character and a sweet finish.

DRY LEAF: Made up of a clonal blend*, the long wiry well-rolled leaves wrap you in a notes of sweet bread, green apples and pepper. The leaves are well picked, revealed by the abundant presence of silvery buds.

INFUSION: The supple leaves yield a strong peach and gardenia fragrance. 

CUP: Light golden liquor with a very pleasant aroma of peach and green apples that precede mango and  - surprise! suprise!  - muscatel notes. The latter is not very obvious but there is enough hint of it to give the cup a wonderful depth. Normally, muscatel notes are more found only in a second flush (summer) harvest and rarely in a first flush tea. The sweet aftertaste lingers leaving you with a smile. 


   1 level tbsp or 2.5 gm per 8-12 oz cup

   185 F

   3 mins

*This tea is categorized as "Conal Queen" by the tea garden. It is made from some of the best clonal varieties of Darjeeling - AV2, P312 and B157.


Puttabong tea estate is one of the oldest tea estates in Darjeeling. Established in 1852, the name of the garden means "place of green leaves". This is a certified organic tea estate.

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