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Golden Needle Black Tea - Spring 2019, China


If you are looking for a black tea, rich in flavors, has enough strength without being tannic, Golden Needle Black Tea from Anhui Province, China is one of the teas you should consider.

The dark honey-like sweetness in this tea is amazing along with the fruity notes of dried apricots. There is no bitterness unless you oversteep or use excess tea. This tea will be great for pairing with cheese or chocolate.

LEAF: Long wiry delicate leaves, full of golden tips with aroma of mollasses and roasted almonds.

INFUSED LEAF: The russet leaves exude aroma of nuts and ripe lychee.

CUP: Coppery liquor with fruity and floral aroma that is seduces you with its sweeteness. Coats the palate with a notes that recall roasted almonds, lychee, cacao, apple blossom, baked yam. Bit of a camphor like note that refreshes the mouth as you drink the tea. Nutty sweet aftertaste that lingers for long.


   1 tbsp or 3 gm per 8 oz cup

   200-212 F

   3 mins


Qimen area, Anhui Province, China
Manufacture: April 2019




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