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Keemun Hao Ya B, Organic



Among the finest grades of Keemun, this tea has an earthy character with a smokey-honeyed sweetness. The dry leaf is clean, small, wiry and with abundant golden tip. It is excellent straight or with milk and sweetener. 

Keemun is made from the local cultivar 槠叶种 (Zhu-ye-zhong). It is this particular bush, and the terroir that gives Keemun its distinctive flavor. Notably, many of the higher quality English Breakfast blends include Keemun as the primary tea.



   1 tsp to a 8 oz cup


   3-5 mins

Milk and sugar optional



Keemun comes from Qimen county in Anhui province. (Keemun is the anglicized version of Qimen). It is relatively a newer tea. As the story goes, it was formulated in 1875 by a civil servant who was seeking a new vocation after losing his job. He was following his father’s advice in learning a skill rather than depending on “precarious officialdom” for a living. Before Keemun started to be manufactured, Anhui province only made green tea.

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