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Himalayan Autumn Bouquet. Nepal Tea, Autumn 2016. Jun Chiyabari Tea Estate (Organic)



A hand-rolled autumn flush tea with notes of honey and apples.

DRY TEA: Well crafted tea with stylish leaves that are bold and tippy. Notes of freshly cut grass, slight pepperiness and hay.

INFUSION: The leaves turn brown and olive, suggesting a mid-to-heavy oxidation. The nose is grassy, peppery and honey.

CUP: Pale amber with slightly nutty and fruity aroma. The liquor is smooth, well-balanced and full-flavored with notes of honey, apple and spice. A light sweet refreshing aftertaste.

10% of the sale of this tea goes to Ama Foundation.


   1 tbsp for 8-12 oz cup


   3-5 mins


Jun Chiyabari Tea Estate, Nepal

Elevation: 1600-2000m

Certified Organic

Harvest: Autumn 2015

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