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Jin Jun Mei - Beautiful Golden Eyebrows. Chinese Black Tea. Spring 2019 (Organic)


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Jin Jun Mei is a a black spring tea made entirely from the buds. JJM was developed in Wuyi mountains as recently as 2005 when some visitors challenged local tea maker to make a black tea from only the buds. After many attempts, Jin Jun Mei was introduced and is now regarded as one of the best Chinese black tea. Its silky body and rich fruity and sweet notes are a delight. 

LEAF:  Sweet nutty notes emanate from gorgeous golden tips (buds) that have been rolled finely. The buds are remarkably downy.

INFUSED LEAF: Woody brown, plump buds with milk chocolate notes that are sweet and cooling.

CUP: Rich amber with notes of honey, cooked yams and almonds. Coats the palate with sweet fruity, nutty flavors. Long lingering finish. Great at second steep.


   1 tbsp or 2.5 gm per 8 oz cup

   200-212 F

   3 mins. Second steep 5 mins

In gong fu style the tea yeilds up to 6 great infusions.


Wuyi, Fujian Province. China
Manufacture: Early April 2019
Method: Bio-Dynamic
Cultivar: Wuyi Caicha  


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