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2000 Yi Wu Huang Pian Raw Pu-erh tea


A very rare pu-erh made from matured leaves or Huang Pian of Yi Wu, a top-notch pu-erh making area of Yunnan. This is one the oldest pu-erh we have in our current selection and the cup is vibrant, full of delicious notes.

This tea was stored in Kunming for 17 years. The wrapper is unmarked and the cake has no neifie. 

The first steeps are full of herbaceous notes recalling nettle and moringa. The finish, however, is extremely sweet. The latter gets more prominent in later steeps. The tea has a great longevity in gong fu brewing.


4 gm to 150 ml gaiwan
Water Temperature 200F
First steep, rinse
Steeping times 3-4 secs 


Collections: Pu-erh

Type: Puerh

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