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2004 Mengku Spring Raw Pu-erh tea


When raw or sheng pu-erh is aged well it acquires a depth that seems almost endless. This pu-erh from Mengku region of Yunnan is a good example of that. Made from a high elevation spring picking of 2004, the tea has matured acquiring a full but yet a soft body. Honey, nuts, herbs, earthy notes emerge through many steepings if tea is prepared in gong fu style. 

The soup (or the liquor) is much darker than younger sheng pu-erhs. An aftertaste of camphor leaves a pleasant mouthfeel.

The leaves are large with many buds reflecting  a fine picking. The tea was stored in Guangdong, a place with high humidity for most of its life. The condition of the tea says the storage was well done: the tea has acquired a good fermentation level with the flavors bright and balanced.   

This is a very good pu-erh for a gong fu session. One of the best raw pu-erhs we have had! 


Gong fu style

Use around 4 gm of tea for a 150 ml gaiwan
Water temp: 200-212F
First steep - rise
Subsequent steeps 3-4 secs each time.
Later around 10 steep we let it steep for 2 minutes. The flavor was still full without any bitterness.



Collections: Pu-erh

Type: Puerh

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