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2011 Bulang Shan shou pu-erh tuo-cha - ripe pu-erh



Our tuo-cha or bird's nest come in handy 5 gm size - convenient for a cup or a gaiwan. Over multiple steeps the tea yields flavors that are earthy with sweet notes of cacao and raisins. There is no bitterness.     

Shou or ripe pu-erh is made by "wet piling" method which results in a cup that is dark with deep flavors that are richly earthy and sweet. Often times people switching from coffee to tea enjoy the deep notes of shu pu-erh. 

More details about this tea from our blog.


For gaiwan:

Start with a quick rise. 30 secs first steep. 10 secs second steep. Add 10-15 secs to subsequent steeps.

For cup: Steep for 2 mins. Resteep 3 mins, 4 mins.  


Bulang Shan
Yunnan, China

Collections: Pu-erh

Category: Ripe

Type: Puerh

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