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2016 Menghai Ripe Pu-erh tea mini 100 gm cake

Rich notes of chocolate, mushroom, leather, wet dirt abound in this smooth pu-erh cake. Made by Menghai tea factory - a leading producer of quality pu-erh - this ripe or shou pu-erh has everything that makes this category of pu-erh alluring. There is a sweet softness to the soup (liquor), evoking a warm fuzzy feeling upon sipping.    

Unlike raw pu-erh, the ripe variety is fermented in the factory before the leaves are compressed into cakes. A lot of ripe pu-erh can be hard on the palate with its overwhelming earthiness. But ones that are well made, like this mini cake, are very enjoyable and energizing.

Notably, we often recommend this tea to those wanting to switch from coffee to tea.


Gong-fu style

Use around 4 gm to a 150 ml gaiwan
Water temp: 212F
First steep - rise
Subsequent steeps 4-5 secs.       

Collections: Pu-erh

Type: Puerh

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