Wuliangshan Raw Pu-erh Tea - Spring 2020 (Organic)


An organic pu-erh tea cake from the high elevations of pristine Wuliangshan mountains in Yunnan, China. Despite its very young age the tea has pleasant flavor that are mild, packs quite a bit of qi with a good potential for aging. The tea comes from 14 year old certified organic tea garden that is located near the Lancang River. It has an average elevation of 1500 m. 

The tea yields flavors that recall dried fruits like apricots, hard cheese like gouda and nuts.  The flavor notes are clean and the finish sweet. 

The leaves for this cake were picked in Autumn 2019 and pressed in 2020 spring. The leaf grade used is one bud two leaves. The leaves still appear green in the cake and after steep. We believe this tea will acquire more layers of flavors with age, although it is aleady very enjoyable.

STEEPING TIPS for gong fu style 
6 gm for 150 ml gaiwan
Water temp 190F
Steeping time 3-5 seconds 


Collections: NEW, Pu-erh Tea

Type: Puerh

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