Wuliangshan Ripe Pu-erh Tea - 2020 (Organic)


An organic ripe pu-erh tea cake from the high elevations of pristine Wuliangshan mountains in Yunnan, China. This cake was pressed in early 2020 with material from summer of 2019.

The tea soup -as the liquor of pu-erh is referred to by locals - is enjoyable with notes of roasted walnuts, dark chocolate and a grapeyness. The tea is smooth and has a lovely rich texture. The tea is still quite fresh and is expected to get even better with age. 

The tea comes from 14 year old certified organic tea garden that is located near the Lancang River. It has an average elevation of 1500 m. 

STEEPING TIPS for gong fu style 
6 gm for 150 ml gaiwan
Water temp 195-200F
Steeping time 3-5 seconds 


Collections: NEW, Pu-erh Tea

Type: Puerh

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