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Himalayan Spring. Nepal Tea, Spring 2019 Jun Chiyabari Tea Estate, (Organic)



A first flush Nepal tea with an exquisite floral and peachy character, it remains easily one of our spring favorites from the Himalayas!

DRY LEAF: Soft bold leaves, abundantly tippy fragrant with fresh sweet notes of spring. 

INFUSION: Olive and brown with an exquisitely floral nose.

CUP: The liquor has a light golden sparkle with a highly pleasing floral aroma together with rounded notes of peach and citrus. Lovely complexity in the mouth with a slight briskness, and a long sweet aftertaste.   


   1 heaping tbsp (4 gm) per 12 oz cup


   3 mins, to re-steep, add another 2 mins

COLD BREW:  Click here to learn about cold brewing.


Jun Chiyabari, established in 2001, is an organic tea garden in the eastern Himalayan region of Nepal. Located in the hills around the small town of Hile in Dhankuta district North 27o 01' East 087o 19' at an altitude of 1600-2000 meters / 5000-6000 feet above sea level. This is approximately 200 km east from Kathmandu; 55 km west of Ilam in Nepal and 65 km west of Darjeeling, India.

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2019 Jun Chiyabari Pure Heaven

Last year I chose the Jun Chiyabari 1st flush over the Darjeelings that have been my tea of choice for decades. I just made my 1st cup of the JC 19 wondering how it was going to beat 18. Well it is just like drinking nectar of the gods. It is light and floral but still a good strong cup. Grateful to Niraj for being able to walk into a Rochester store and buy some of the best tea in the world.

Happy Earth Tea

Thank you Ruhi! Your kindness and generous support of our shop is deeply appreciated. "Nectar of gods" we often use that phrase to describe exceptional teas!


Nuanced, Light, Multifaceted

A beautiful array of flavors, and aromas. Refreshingly light, but packing flavor. Pure elegance. Exceptional. While I've reviewed this tea before, this is for the 2017 batch.


Beautiful Tea

This is a beautiful tea. Taste is slightly perfumey, but pleasantly so, and there is a welcoming body. Lots of complexity, and surprisingly balanced for a tea with such flavor.


A fine tea.

Reviewing this 2015 First Flush Jun Chiyabari has been challenging, because it possesses so many different flavor characteristics, which are highly dependent on how it is prepared. All tea has this variability, but this one seems to have more so. Some have compared it to a First Flush Darjeeling, but I only find this true if prepared with boiling water, and a four to five minute steep time. Even so, it has a certain nutty, maltiness that reminds me somewhat of a First Flush Assam. As I write this, I'm drinking the "dregs" of the tea, which is at room temperature, and the finish has a certain briskness or astringency that is much like the finish of a First Flush Darjeeling, and here the Assam characteristics recede to the background. At lower temperatures, I taste rose and almond-like notes. Again, this tea is very sensitive to how you prepare, not in terms of producing bitterness (it does not get bitter), but rather in terms of what taste predominates. Some forgotten temperature, amount, and steeping time combination produced for me a tea reminiscent of a high-quality Ceylon tea. But there is another characteristic to this tea, which is that it really seems to possess a noticeable Cha Qi...a kind of vital energy that is difficult to describe or define, but palpable. The way I would describe it is a certain balanced, coherent, strengthening, whole body energy, rather than just stimulation. I had a similar experience recently with a Chinese yellow tea. In this sense, the Jun Chiyabari has a very salutary, health giving property. One last thing is that the dry leaf is beautiful to look at and smell. It is feathery light, and tends to float in the water rather than sink. A fine tea.