Arya Pearl - Organic Darjeeling White Tea - Spring 2020


Made from delicate leaf buds of early spring, Arya Pearl is an organic Darjeeling white tea with sublime flavors. For the first time, we are excited to offer this very exclusive tea from Arya Tea Garden. During these challenging times, it's extremely important to support our growing partners. 

Like most white teas, Pearl is made with minimal processing. The leaves are chosen and picked with great care, which you can see in the amazing appearance of the tea. It is initially dried indoors and then finished under the sun. The flavors of this glorious tea are a mix of floral and vegetal with a sweet aftertaste, all really pleasing.   

DRY LEAF: Beautiful bud sets of tea leaves that are whole and pristine. They appear just like fresh leaves would on the bush with a slightly earthy and grassy nose.

WET LEAF: The leaves open up, succulent and alive with a nose that is slightly mossy and sweet. 

CUP: The liquor is translucent with a light glow, reflecting its "Pearl-like" quality. A delicate taste profile which is buttery and earthy on the palate with a smooth, sweet finish. Hints of citrus, floral notes and a nuttiness (cashew) set this white tea apart.  



   2-3 heaping tbsp or 3 gm per 8 oz cup

   176 F

   5 mins


Arya Tea Estate, Darjeeling
Established: 1885
Elevation: 900 - 1820m


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