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Himalayan White Tea - Nepal White Tea, Spring 2019. Jun Chiyabari tea estate, (Organic)


A prized early spring-picked white tea from Nepal with mellow flavors of honeydew, wildflowers and a sweet lingering finish.  

DRY LEAF: Plenty of bud sets. Light green to olive green with sweet floral and fresh grassy smells. Cannot help but add, gorgeous looking!    

INFUSION: Plump buds with notes of honeydew and sweet flowers.

CUP: Mellow honey notes, slighly herbaceous, sweet floral aftertaste. Leaves the mouth cool and refreshed.


   1 heaping tbsp or 4 gm per 12 oz cup

   176 F

   3-5 mins



Jun Chiyabari, Nepal
Certified Organic tea estate

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