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Silver Needle. Yunnan, Spring 2017. Organic



Made from choicest buds of tea trees from Menghai region of Yunnan Province in China, our certified organic Silver Needle comes with a complexity that is rich and satisfying for white tea enthusiasts. The tea has a mild fruity sweetness of a honeydew with a soft earthy notes. Although delicate, the tea is flavorful making several steeping possible.

DRY LEAF: Coming from tea trees, the buds are large and draped in silver silken hair giving it a striking appearance. These sun dried buds have been minimally handled. Notes of melon and sweet hay.

INFUSION: The leaves turn brown and light green with a sweet fruity nose - mix of melon and peach.

CUP: Pale yellow liquor with fruity notes of melon and honey. A subtle undertone of earthiness lends body, and adds a nice complexity to the tea. A lingering sweet finish.          


   1-2 tbsp for a 8-12 oz cup


   3-5 mins. To re-steep add another minute or two.


Menghai, Yunnan. China

Collections: White Tea

Type: White Tea

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