COVID-19 Response

5/20/20 UPDATE

Leaf Tea Bar is open on Wednesdays 4-6 pm, and Saturdays 2-6 pm for retail pick ups only. Tea service remains suspended. Orders for pick ups need to be placed online. You can select the date and time. Orders must be received by 6 pm the previous day for pick up.

Please wear a mask when coming for pick up. Line up outside the entrance. Staff will ask your name at the door and place your order on a nearby table for you to pick up.

If you have any questions please write to

Tea during COVID-19 

Despite the severe socio-economic impact wreaked by COVID-19 in China - and the rest of the world - many Chinese tea growing regions managed to get back to the tea gardens just in time to start the spring manufacture. By most reports, other than the tea gardens in Hubei province, rest of the industry were not as affected. Tea workers in the fields and in the factories were made to maintain a safe distance from each other. Workers were screened for symptoms and frequent hand wash and mask wearing were required. We have seen similar steps being adopted in other parts of the tea world including India.

For guidance we have also been intently following food experts in general and tea experts specifically, including those from FDA and tea organizations, to ascertain the safety of tea. By all accounts tea is safe from virus contamination, mainly since it is exposed to heat (enough to kill the virus) multiple times during the manufacturing process. 

Darjeeling Tea

India remains in lockdown. As of 4/12, the authorities issued a modified exemption for tea gardens where only 25% workers are allowed to be working at one time to maintain safe social distance. It is hard to see how tea manufacturing, which is labor intensive, is going to fare. Thankfully, we have already reserved a batch of tea from Puttabong tea estate which was produced before the lockdown. It will be shipped to us as soon as the lockdown is lifted.   


We are deep cleaning our packaging area regularly. Our single employee handling all our packing and shipping right now is being continuously monitored for symptoms. The person is also required to report if he comes in contact with anyone known to be positive. As always we continue to use masks and gloves while handling tea.


During this crisis we appreciate all the orders you have been sending our way. We are shipping out all orders within 24-48 hours of receiving them.