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Making Matcha.
27 June 2015, 10-11 am Tea Studio &
28 June 2015, 11 am Brighton Farmers Market

Learn how to make a bowl of matcha in the traditional Japanese style at the Brighton Farmers' Market this Sunday. The demo will be held in our booth 11 am. We will use Organic ceremonial grade Matcha (not the culinary variety), and starter kits will be available for you to buy!


Making Chai. 25 October, 2014 Saturday.
10 am - 12 pm. 

In India we grew up chugging chai all over - homes, offices, on highways and byways and streets of towns and villages, in trains, airports and bus-stations. There is chai everywhere being offered and to be enjoyed. It is India's unique interpretation of a "tea ceremony" - nothing serene and meditative, but a burst of celebration and energy which the sub-continent is. India does indeed run on chai! 

It is this festive and flavorful character of chai that has perhaps made it India's best known export currently. 

Join us to learn different ways in which chai is traditionally made in India. Samplings included. $10 per person.

Email us at with subject line "Chai Tutorial" to book a place. Space is limited.



Matcha and Clay. 8 November, 2014 Saturday.
10 am - 12 pm

Matcha is one of the oldest forms of tea that developed in China around 10th Century AD. It was brought by Zen monks early on to Japan and where since the an elaborate ritual came to be developed around it. Today match does not only form an integral part of the revered Japanese tea ceremony, but has gained popularity as an ingredient in products like confectioneries, ice-cream and shakes.

We have been lucky to learn about the ceremonial aspect of Matcha due to our association with Kumagama Clay Studio and its owner Cody Kroll. Kroll himself is a student of Japanese tea ceremony and has been making teaware in Japanese style for several years now. 

Join us in an introduction to ceremonial matcha and Japanese teaware. This presentation will be made jointly with Cody Kroll. Samplings included. $10 per person.

Email us at with subject line "Matcha & Clay" to book a place. Space is limited.