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2012 Yang Chan San Yue by Hai Lang Hao. Wild Arbor, Yi Wu, sheng pu-erh


Picked up from the highest elevations of the famed Yi Wu region during spring, this stone-pressed fruity-earthy tea is a good representative of a young sheng pu-erh. The liquor is sweet with a light astringency. Notes of straw, dried apricots emerge. Later steeps reveal peach and pear.

A very pleasant tea that remains balanced on the palate for a very long time.


Use a gaiwan or a small yixing/ ceramic pot  to steep this tea. 

Use around 5-6 grams for a 150 ml gaiwan. Keep the steeping time short, just a couple of seconds. 


Zhang Jia Wan village
March 2011


Collections: Pu-erh

Category: Raw

Type: Puerh

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