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Arya Ruby, Second Flush 2018 Darjeeling black tea (Organic)



An exceptional Darjeeling second flush (summer) tea from the highly regarded Arya Tea Estate. The flavors are in perfect balance and the aftertaste lingers long after the cup is over. This is a highly limited edition. Snag a bag before its gone!

DRY LEAF: Long and wiry with golden tips, the dry leaf has aromas of chocolate, almond and white pepper.

INFUSION: The AV2* leaves explode giving off a nose of rose, almond, and cacao.

CUP: Well rounded with notes of apricots, plum and almonds. A lingering sweetness in the aftertaste is delightful. 

Fans of Oriental Beauty will love this tea! 

*A large leaf cultivar grown in Darjeeling that produces a fragrant cup with ample body.


   1 heaping tbsp or 2.5 gm per 8 oz cup

   190-200 F

   3 mins


Arya Tea Estate, Darjeeling 
Elevation: 1800m


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