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Baozhong Hongxin. Winter 2016, Taiwan


A lightly oxidized oolong with a delicate floral and fruity notes. This is made from a cultivar called hongxin, an unusual kind for Baozhong, but which brings it more refined notes.

Through multiple steeps, the tea reveals clean refreshing notes of garden peas, sweet grass, nectar, rice, lilac, mangoes. It also has a light creaminess that makes the tea highly enjoyable.


   1 heaping tbsp to an 8 oz cup

   near-boiling, 200F

   this tea is good for multiple rounds. 1 min, 2:00 mins, 3:00 mins

Gongfu style:

Fill up 3/4 of the gaiwan/yixing tea pot with tea.
Use boiling water.
Steeps: 1 min, 40 secs, 50 secs, 1:15 secs, 2 min


Cultivar: Hongxin

Manufactured: November 2016

Origin:Pinglin, Wenshan, Taiwan

Style: Lightly oxidized



Collections: Oolong

Type: Oolong

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