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Cacao Kisses - Colombian Black Tea with cacao (Organic)



We are excited to present teas from the highlands of Colombia. The garden from where we sourced our tea has been growing tea for around 50 years. In 2013 they switched to orthodox manufacturing process with technical help from Darjeeling growers. Grown in rich volcanic soil of west Andean mountains at elevations 1800-2000m - comparable to some of the highest tea growing elevations of Asia - the tea has a lovely complexity and a refined smoothness. It is also certified Organic!

Cacao Kisses is a blend of Colombian black tea with cacao nibs and shells without any use of artificial flavorings. The cacao is from Tumaco, a region in the Colombian Pacific (South West), which is known to produce one of the most aromatic cacaos in the country used to make extra fine chocolates.

DRY LEAF: Full leaf, long and wiry with pieces of cacao nibs and shells. Rich aroma of cacao.

INFUSION: Notes of cacao, pepper and touch malty.

CUP: Dark amber with notes of cacao, roasted nuts and pepper. The cacao flavors are in fine balance with the tea without overpowering the latter. The naturalness of all the flavors make this tea decidedly different from many other "chocolate teas" in the market.


   Use 1 level tbsp (2 gm) per 8-12 oz cup

   212 F

   3 mins


La Cumbre, Colombia



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