Puttabong, Organic Darjeeling Tea - First Flush 2019

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A first flush 2019 tea using top quality Darjeeling clonals with a complex fruity-floral character and a sweet finish.

DRY LEAF: Made up of a clonal blend*, the long wiry well-rolled leaves wrap you in a notes of sweet bread, green apples and pepper. 

INFUSED LEAF: The supple leaves yield a strong peach and gardenia fragrance. 

CUP: Light golden liquor with a very pleasant aroma of peach, green apples and geraniums. For a first flush the cup has a considerable heft. The brisk and sweet aftertaste leaves you satisfied.  


   1 tbsp or 3 gm per 8 oz cup

   176 F

   3 mins

*This tea is categorized as "Conal Queen" by the tea garden. It is made from some of the best clonal varieties of Darjeeling - AV2, P312 and B157.


Puttabong tea estate, Darjeeling 
The name of the tea garden means "place of green leaves."
Certified Organic and Fairtrade
Established: 1852


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Matthew I.
United States United States

Puttabong, Darjeeling First Flush 2019 (Organic)

My wife is the tea lover and she's completely stoked to find Darjeeling of this quality here in the US - even if it's shipped all the way from New York. Now she may be able to wean herself off of her dependency on the care packages sent from Germany by her mother! You may have noticed that we recently placed a second order. Keep up the good work and don't go away! Best regards, Matt


Fine, Well Balanced 2019 First Flush

This is a very good First Flush Puttabong that is extremely well-balanced. Given that I tend to ignore the conventional wisdom about temperature and tea type… lower temperatures for green, and higher temperatures for black… I always experiment with a tea to find the best balance for my taste. This is a tea that has a certain astringency, which can make a tea very refreshing, but that can also add a bit of a bite if overdone. So I tried temperatures ranging from boiling down to 185 °F, finally settling at 190°. At this temperature the tea is perfectly balanced between sweet almond peach notes, and a woody hay taste, which is where the pleasing astringency comes in. This particular Puttabong has an almost oolong quality to it at the more moderate temperatures, which is both refreshing and sweet and pleasant to drink. This is not to say that this tea ever gets bitter, but only that the higher temperatures you tend to lose some of the sweetness and gain astringency. For the record, no tea that I have ever bought at Happy Earth has ever gotten bitter, even when steeped for a long time, which is the mark of quality tea.

Happy Earth Tea

Adam, thank you so much for your kind review. Thanks for sharing your temperature settings. We experienced the later sips of Puttabong was great at 190F, while the earlier part of the cup was much better at 176F. We are inclined to settle at 185F these days for this tea. - Niraj

Sylvie B.

Naraj and Happy Earth Tea

Naraj and Happy Earth Tea Company alway deliver first quality teas from all the Darjeeling estates he chooses to buy from. With Narja's knowledge and palate this years' Puttabong Spring flush No. 4 is to say exquisite. I am not a expert and not a tea journalist but this tea is extraordinary. We have enjoyed it both hot and cold, especially over the recent heatwave here in Montreal Canada. We have made multiple batches of cold brewed tea with it and it blooms with floral and velvet body and texture without a hint of bitterness. Thank you Happy Earth Tea. PS. Just to prove how good the Darjeeling teas are from Naraj and company we buy it from Rochester and get it shipped to friends in Michigan and shipped to us in Montreal. Happy Earth Tea Company is no doubt one of the best teas houses not just in N.A. but as good as any of the old houses in London. Regards Richard Simpson

Zeb H.

The tea was awesome as

The tea was awesome as always!!

Richard W.

Always great tea and a

Always great tea and a great experience