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Himalayan Evergreen. Autumn 2016, Jun Chiyabari Tea Estate (Organic), Nepal



Light vegetal and floral notes with a soft sweet aftertaste make this a refreshing Evergreen of the autumn 2016 harvest. 

DRY LEAF: Well rolled leaves bearing scents of fresh hay, butter and and pepper. Good amount of tips.

INFUSION: The leaves unfurl to yield a nose of notes of peach and sweet wild flowers.

CUP: The liquor is a pale gold and exudes a soft vegetal-foral fragrance. The mouth-feel is smooth and cleansing. The palate is softly washed with a fruity-floral complexity which is in perfect balance. A sweet finish. Crisp and satisfying.

10% of this tea's sale goes to Ama Foundation.



   1 heaping tbsp (3 gm) of tea for a 8-12 oz cup

  near boiling 190°F

   3-5 mins



Jun Chiyabari Tea Estate, Nepal

Elevation: 1600-2000m

Certified Organic

Harvest: November 2016

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