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Himalayan Green, Jun Chiyabari, Nepal, Summer 2016


A green tea from Jun Chiybari with sweet grassy and floral notes. Soft body with interesting layers of taste notes. Satisfying!

DRY TEA: Small wiry leaves, lightly rolled with moderate amount of tips. The notes are that of grass, wildflowers and a touch spicy.

INFUSION: The wet leaves have some brown streaks that suggest a minimal amount of oxidation. The nose yields earthy notes and boiled veggies.

CUP: A refreshing cup with notes of green peppers, grapefruit, lime and sweet grass. The liquor has a light but layered body.

10% of the sale of this tea goes to Ama Foundation.


   1 tsp for a 8-12 oz cup

  170-180°F  (Use lower temp to bring out the sweetness and floral notes)

   2-3 mins 


Jun Chiyabari Tea Estate, Nepal

Elevation: 1600-2000m

Certified Organic

Harvest: Summer 2015


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