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Himalayan Imperial Black. Nepal Tea, Autumn 2016, Jun Chiyabari Tea Estate (Organic)


A superb hand-processed second flush tea from Jun Chiyabari. The craftsmanship is brilliant, right from its aroma and appearance to its inspired finish.  

DRY LEAF: Long wiry leaves with an unusual crispness for teas from the Himalayas. Recalls wuyi rock oolong in appearance, but with a more finer leaves. Rich aroma of dark chocolate and burnt caramel that will keep sniffing.

INFUSION: The leaves appear cocoa with a nose of plum, chocolate, caramel and spice.

CUP: The liquor is dark honey with a sweet fruity fragrance. A delicate creaminess coats the palate with rich notes of plum and caramel together with spicy hints. Long sweet aftertaste.

10% of this tea's sale goes to Ama Foundation.  


   1 tbsp for a 8-12 oz cup

  Boiling 210-220°F 

   3-5 mins 


Jun Chiyabari, established in 2001, is an organic tea garden in the eastern Himalayan region of Nepal. Located in the hills around the small town of Hile in Dhankuta district North 27o 01' East 087o 19' at an altitude of 1600-2000 meters / 5000-6000 feet above sea level. This is approximately 200 km east from Kathmandu; 55 km west of Ilam in Nepal and 65 km west of Darjeeling, India.

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