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Himalayan Moondrops Oolong. Jun Chiyabari tea estate, Nepal 2018 Summer (Organic)


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A top-notch oolong that is made in the style of Pouchong or Baozhongcha of Taiwan. Lightly oxidized with creamy notes of pear and light honey-floral undertones. Rich and smooth with lingering sweet aftertaste.

DRY LEAF: Mid sized wiry dark green leaves, tippy, lightly rolled, light floral cream aroma.

INFUSION: Profusion of bud sets. Herbaceous and almond notes.

CUP: Light amber liquor with a sweet honey aroma. Notes of pear, honey and wildflowers can be enjoyed. Smooth, well rounded with a creamy finish. Sweet and lingering aftertaste. Delightful!


   1 tbsp or 2.5 gm per 8 oz cup

   176 F

   3 mins



Jun Chiyabari tea estate, Nepal (Organic)


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Type: Oolong

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