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Himalayan Tippy, First Flush 2018. Jun Chiyabari tea estate, Nepal (Organic)



An exquisite first flush 2018 production from organic tea estate of Jun Chiyabari, Nepal. This batch made with abundant spring buds packs in sweet refreshing aroma and flavors, representing the best of the high grown spring teas. 

DRY LEAF: Gently rolled, olive green, abundantly tippy, clean, gorgeous looking, grassy, slightly peppery notes.

INFUSION: Plump leaves, smell of peach and ripe mangoes.

CUP: Light amber. Aroma of peach and shortbread. Notes of peach, green apples, and wild flowers fill the liquor. Crisp, delicate and refreshing.


   1 tbsp (2.5 gm) for 12 oz cup


   3-5 mins



Jun Chiyabari, Hille, Nepal (Certified Organic)




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