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Hung Shui Oolong. Taiwan, Winter 2016


A high-mountain oolong from Shan Lin Xi, Taiwan that comes roasted in traditional Dong Ding style. Since the tea is freshly roasted (October 2016), the roasted notes are still strong. But it balances well with the strong green body of the tea. Multiple steeps reveal notes of geraniums, apricots and chestnuts with a touch of smoke and burnt sugar.

We advise shorter steeps. If you let the tea cool off after steeping, you should be able to get a nice butteriness in the first few steeps.



   1 tsp for 8 oz cup


 This tea is good for multiple rounds. 1 min, 2min

Gongfu style

Cover the bottom of your vessel you are using with a single and uniform layer of tea.

  boiling 212°F 

  1 min, 30 secs, 40 secs, 50 secs, 1 min, 1:10 mins


Cultivar: Qingxin Oolong
Origin: Shan Lin Xi 
Elevation: 1300 meters
Harvested by hand on October, 2016
Process: lightly oxidized, with medium-to-heavy roast

Collections: Oolong

Type: Oolong

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