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FREE SHIPPING for orders above $65. Use code "FREESHIP65."

Jasmine Silver Tips - Mao Feng Green Tea infused with Jasmine scent



Jasmine Silver Tips is another green jasmine tea that we are excited to introduce to all our the jasmine tea fans. It is made from a premium green tea, Mao Feng, grown organically in higher altitude. Mao Feng green teas are lightly processed using a bud and two leaves. The finest jasmine flowers have been used to scent the tea. 

The result is an very elegant tea where the balance of the jasmine scent and the green tea flavor are in perfect balance. The sweetness and the mellow character of the green tea shine through. 

DRY TEA: Small wiry leaves full of tips (buds) which gives it that "snowy" appearance. Fresh smell of jasmine.

WET LEAF: An uplifting pure fragrance of jasmine.  

CUP: A pale yellow hue with enticing smell of jasmine. The floral notes of jasmine do not mask the nutty character of the spring green tea and the sweet aftertaste from the tea lingers on. This tea will make any jasmine tea lover happy!  


   1  tbsp (3 gm) for a 8 cup

   176-180 F

   2 mins. Add 1 minute incrementally to subsequent steeps.  

At least 3 steeps possible. 


Anhui, China