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FREE SHIPPING for orders above $65. Use code "FREESHIP65."

Little BingDao Raw Pu-erh Tea 200 gm - Spring 2017


We chanced upon this pu-erh tea cake through our friends at Bana Tea. It was so good that we had to have it for our customers. The raw materials come from the highly prized area of Lincang in Yunnan. Since it is always a challenge to prove the veracity of terroir for these teas we decided to go with tea cakes from a source that we totally trust.

This pu-erh tea is from old arbor teas. You can feel the purity and the power of this tea in each of the steep. There is a good balance of sweet floral and bitter notes, that amplifies the hui gan or the sweetness in the back of the throat that emerges after a while of finishing the tea.

This pu-erh tea is not from the local region of BingDao, where the prices for arbor tea are forbidding. It has been sourced from adjacent area that has very similar characteristics but for the hefty price tag. 

STEEPING TIPS for gong fu style 

4-5 gm for 150 ml gaiwan
Water temp 190F
Steeping time: 1 steep - 10 sec, 2nd steep - 5 sec, 3rd steep - 10 sec, 4th steep - 20 sec, 5th steep - 20 sec, 6th steep - 30 sec, 7th steep - 40 sec, 8th steep - 50 sec