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Muscatel Valley, Darjeeling First Flush 2015 (Organic under-conversion)


A light body tea with bright floral notes and a brisk refreshing finish. This is a classic Darjeeling first flush from Muscatel Valley, a division of reputed Goomtee tea estate. Muscatel Valley is reverting back to Organic farming and has officially been "under conversion" for the last two years.  

DRY LEAF: Green and grey, well-rolled clean chinary leaves with notes of hay and freshly cut grass.

INFUSION: Vivid green and shades of olive with a nose that is sweet and cool floral,  vegetal and hints of pepper.

CUP: Limpid gold with a delicate floral fragrance mixed in with a nutty, grassy and green mango notes. Light and brisk body.


  1 tsp for a 12 oz cup

  near boiling, 190°F

   3 mins 


Muscatel Valley Division is 250 acres with altitude ranging from 5000 ft to 6500 ft. It has original china seed plantation with no clones. The division is old and produces very high-quality tea. It used to have its own small factory which burned down.

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