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Organic Dongding Oolong, Spring 2014


Our Organic Dongding (also called Tung-ting) comes from Minjiang, Nantou region, Central Taiwan.

The medium oxidized (around 30%), lightly roasted Dongding makes a fragrant cup with light liquor that has clean aroma and taste. The cultivar used in making this tea is Cui Yu (Kingfisher Jade) which is considered to have a more floral character than its parent, Qingxing.

There are some interesting notes in this tea. It has some floral, some fruitiness and bit of steamed spinach. It has a lovely sweetness, almost the kind found in tart fruits like tamarind. It brings the cup alive on the palate in a most pleasing manner.

This tea can be resteeped 3-4 times.

Pottery by Kumagama Clay Studio.



Conventional style:

   1.5 tsp for an 8 oz cup

   near boiling, 200°F

   First infusion 1 minute. For every subsequent steep add 10 seconds

Gong fu style:

Use enough tea to make a single layer on the bottom of your pot/gaiwan. Use 200F water. First steep 30 secs. Add 10 seconds to subsequent steeps. 


Minjian, Nantou County, Central Taiwan

Collections: Oolong

Type: Oolong

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