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Puerh (Raw) Mini Cake 100 gm


Puerh, an ancient form of tea, comes in a compact form. The flavors of the tea improves with age by way of fermentation. Also described as post-fermented tea, there are two main categories of puerh - ripe (shou) and raw (sheng). The latter is more traditional where the leaves are left to ferment on its own naturally, where ripe puerh are made from leaves where fermentation have been accelerated by way of "wet-piling" the leaf.

Our puerh is in raw form and comes from the Mengku area, Yunnan. It was made in 2012 so it has a good five years of aging already. The tea has a light  body with notes of peach, light honey and camphor. You can steep this tea multiple times. 


To break apart the cake insert a slender knife and gently pry out a piece.

Measure 5 gm of tea and put into a cup or gaiwan

Pour hot water (200 F)  about 6 oz

Pour out the water immediately. The quick rinse "wakes up the leaves".

Steep for 3-5 seconds. Enjoy.

Repeat steep adding, a second for two each time.


Mengku area, Yunnan

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