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Risheehat, Darjeeling First Flush 2017 (Organic)


We are happy to have Risheehat back after a rather long hiatus. The bouquet and refreshing crispness of this tea makes for a delightful cup.  

DRY LEAF: Wiry leaves of dark and light green with moderate amount of tips. Notes of freshly cut grass, pepper, with a light woodiness.

INFUSION: A delicate and sweet nose that recalls tulips, peach and candied sugar.

CUP: Limpid amber liquor with crisp notes of green apples, with good balance of floral and grassy notes. Spring honey tones rounding it off with a long aftertaste.


1 tbsp (2.5 gm) per 12 oz cup

Water temperature: 185 F

Steeping time: 3 mins

Risheehat Tea Estate, Darjeeling

Organic, Fairtrade

A video of Risheehat tea estate


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