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Sheng Pu-erh Zuxiang 2019 (Organic)


The idea that raw puerh needs to age before you can enjoy the tea is losing currency. This cake from March 2018 picking and which was pressed only last year is a wonderful example of how the tea makers are being very successful in making delicious puerh right off the factory. Also the idea that organic puerh - most of which are new cultivation - isn't as good as puerh from other older tea plants is not true as this tea shows.

There are floral notes in this tea that combined with the slight earthiness and sweetness make it delightful! The tea itself was grown in Wuliang mountain located near Lancang river. The tea garden is owned by Zuxiang company, which started organic tea production in 2006, and after which this tea is named. 


6 gm for 150 ml gaiwan. Water Temperature 180-190F. Flash steeps

Collections: Pu-erh

Category: New

Type: Puerh

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