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Turzum Darjeeling. First Flush 2017 (Organic)



Light floral and sweet peach notes make this tea from Turzum tea estate a classic Darjeeling first flush, delicious and refreshing.

DRY LEAF: Greenish grey fragrant with floral and biscuity notes. Light silver tips and well rolled.

INFUSION: Open leaves of pale lemon-green with a strong floral nose layered with notes of sweet green grapes and green pepper.

CUP: Light gold liquor with green floral fragrance. Sweet peach notes in the forefront, hints of sandalwood, well-balanced and crisp with hint of astringency. Lingering aftertaste of mild sweetness.


Use 1 tbsp (2.5 gm) of tea for 12 oz cup

Water temp: 185 F
Steeping time: 3 minutes
Enjoy plain. If you let the tea cool down to tepid temperature the floral character is enhanced.

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