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Photo of Iced Green Tea

Lung Ching Iced Green Tea Recipe

Photo of glass with Iced Green Tea

Sometimes it's fun to mix up traditional tea a bit.

For this summer one of the recipes we concocted was iced Dragon Well (Lung Ching - Jade Mountain) infused with peach. You are welcome to help us name it.

The tea we are using is a classic green tea from China called Lung Ching or Dragonwell or even Dragon's Well as some may insist. This is a soothing green tea with a refreshing character that both calms and inspires.  It has a creamy buttery texture we love and is pretty forgiving in that it does not easily turn bitter.

Add a few slices of ripe peach to add a delightful aroma and sweetness without overpowering the tea. A nice refreshing blend.



Steep 2 tbps of Lung Ching in 12 oz of water brought to near boil for 3 minutes.

Let cool.

Put two slices of freshly cut peach in the cooled off tea. Let sit for 5 mins. This infuses the tea with just the right amount of peach notes.

Pour the tea and peach over ice and serve.


PS: You can also replace peach with a slice of your favorite citrus. We tried it with a slice of lemon with a pleasing result.

Photo of Iced Green Tea in a glass

Thanks to Nicole Martin of for sharing the original idea!



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