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"View of the Sea" Raw Pu-erh 200 gm - Spring 2020

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Embark on a tea journey with our Raw Pu-erh Cake, meticulously crafted by the renowned tea master Vaspar Chan. This exquisite tea, weighing 200 grams, is a testament to the artistry and expertise of its creator.

Sourced from the Spring 2020 pickings, this Raw Pu-erh blend is a harmonious fusion of leaves from old arbor trees hailing from the prestigious regions of Menghai and Lincang. The result is a tea that embodies the rich terroir of these revered tea-growing areas, promising a flavor profile that is both complex and captivating.

As you steep this Pu-erh, be prepared to explore a myriad of taste notes that unfold like a symphony on your palate. The layers of flavor reveal themselves gradually, offering a multifaceted experience that includes the sweetness of honey and a brisk undertone. 

Beyond its immediate charm, this Raw Pu-erh Cake possesses exceptional aging potential. Allow it to mature gracefully over time, and you'll be rewarded with a tea that evolves, deepens in complexity, and becomes a prized possession in your tea collection.

STEEPING TIPS for gong fu style 

5 gm for 150 ml gaiwan
Water temp 195F
Steeping time: 1 steep - 10 sec, 2nd steep - 10 sec, 3rd steep - 15 sec, 4th steep - 20 sec, 5th steep - 30 sec, 6th steep - 40 sec, 7th steep - 1 min, 8th steep - 2 mins