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Jungpana China FTGFOP1

Jungpana is located in a rather narrow crest in the Himalayas. Hidden from the general view - a road is actually still to connect this tea garden - this garden is recognized for its high quality tea. Many high end stores like Harrods  and Mariage (France) purvey Jungpana tea.

We have the pleasure of introducing this tea for our customers for the first time this first flush.

Jungpana first flush leaves

DRY TEA: The leaves are generally small and wiry - indicative of its tenderness  when plucked - with a good amount of tips.  The colors are largely black/gray with a good amount of green leaf spread. It has a fresh green sweet and vegetal fragrance.

Jungpana first flush infusion

INFUSION: The leaves turn pale and lime green with shots of brown.The nose has a rich fragrance of minty, lemonycharacter combined with floral notes recalling jasmine.

CUP: The liqor is beautiful golden hue and has a nice body. The complex sweet-floral flavor feels good all over the mouth. Simply delicious, in plain English. The tea is brisk, well rounded and has a lovely aftertaste that lingers long after the cup is done. This tea is a good example of a perfect Darjeeling first flush.jungpana first flush cup

BREWING TIME: Not more than 3 mins

OCCASION: A great after-dinner tea.

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