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Free Shipping for Orders $65+. Use code FREESHIP65

Arya Emerald Tea

We are happy to release the first of our spring green teas for this year. And nothing can be more delightful than to start with Emerald from the Arya Tea Estate. Emerald is always among the best of Darjeeling green teas. Despite the challenge of an adverse weather this season, Arya Tea Estate has managed to come through with the quality intact of its premium green tea line.

DRY TEA: The leaves are a thin wiry mix of pale green and lime with a good amount of tips. Well selected and rolled, the leaves bear a good bloom - always a gratifying sight to behold. It bears a sweet vegetal aroma with a subdued warm malty smell.

INFUSION: The leaves open up beautifully to a pale yellow-green. The care with which the leaves have been plucked shows in the infused leaves - whole and tender. The nose is a complex sweet vegetal with an overall subtle effect.

CUP: The liqor is pale golden. The taste is a complex subtleness of nutty, vegetal and honey characters, while remaining smooth on the palate. The effect is both refreshing and calming. Emerald is the recommended for those who do not like the normally grassy character of green tea. This tea has the sophistication of a good tea, without limiting itself to just being another green tea.

BREWING INSTRUCTIONS: Bring water to a boil. Turn off the stove/kettle and wait for about three minutes before pouring it on to the leaves. Steep for 3-4 minutes.

OCCASION: This tea is great when you need some focusing. Have it at work.

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