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Kids going Back to school

Back to School Reflections

Today our children went to school which has drawn out so many mixed emotions. Normally the first day of school is a celebratory feeling, but today is quite different. On one hand, we are happy they return to school for two days a week of in-school instruction where they’ll get to have a quasi-normal school experience while wearing masks and socially distancing from their peers. On the other hand, we worry about their health both emotional and physical.

kids going back to school

I need the comfort of a good cup of tea to ponder my feelings so now I’m sipping one of my go-to favorites…Darjeeling First Flush Puttabong as I capture my thoughts. There is both anxiety and excitement to embrace the other three days of the week when they will be doing school remotely. The anxiety is how to support their education appropriately from home. Both of our kids learn differently and require different approaches. Neither of us have teaching backgrounds and when we went to school things were taught quite differently.

Darjeeling Puttabong First Flush tea

Now here comes the exciting part, we are curious people and love to learn new things. We can find innovative approaches to enhance their learning. There is amazing content right at our fingertips today: Ted Talks, documentaries, and virtual access to almost any topic that comes up!! Back in our school days, it was the encyclopedia, dictionary or the family elders that provided the knowledge!! We are in an innovation era and COVID has certainly forced us to re-imagine just about everything!! So, we are looking forward to maneuvering 6th and 8th grade with our kids.

We must remember to focus on only the things that we can control. Daily rituals such as meditation, tea and just positive thinking can help us face the uncertain days ahead. Conversely the kids are worried about how to open their lockers and navigating middle school drama! Life is always a matter of perspective though. We hope you’re finding ways to bring harmony and wellness into your life. Find those little practices that bring you peace and joy! Stay well!

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