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Happy Earth Tea Recommended by Bon Appetit Magazine

Bon Appétit recommends Happy Earth Tea

In an article about tea, in its April 2022 issue, one of the premier food magazines in the country Bon Appétit recommended for their readers a total of six tea purveyors. Guess who was one among that tiny list?! Why your favorite tea shop, Happy Earth Tea!

Many people have wondered how we came to be on that list. Did Bon Appétit call? Did they visit? What is their criterion in making such a selection? The first two questions we can answer. As for the third one, that is more appropriately asked of Bon Appétit 

We can tell you that the writer of the article, Max Falkowitz is a well-regarded food writer, with a special focus on tea.  He has visited us personally in the past and appreciated our teas, especially Darjeelings. Some of you may remember him from the NYT article that he wrote a few years ago heralding the arrival of Nepal tea to the premium tea world. Over time we have kept in touch. This is not an unusual thing in the tea world - it is kind of a small world. 

Bon Appetit Magazine endorses Happy Earth Tea

As if this was not enough of a blessing, today we were interviewed by a local news channel on their morning news show. They wanted to know more about our business and how we got featured in Bon Appétit. Reporter, Eriketa Cost and her cameraperson from Channel 8, as promised arrived at 4:40 am at our shop. You heard that right. It was a bit of a challenge to be chirpy and stay sharp at that hour. I have renewed respect for the morning news people.

For the next two hours, we made our short and sweet "hits" from the tea house into the live morning news. As time went on I began to enjoy the experience, helped by a steady rise in wakefulness over many cups of tea that we were sampling. Also, it was nice to see from our big shop windows the morning light spread (never had an occasion for such viewing prior to this).

A few words about Ms. Cost. I loved that she was enthusiastic about tea. She was kind and empathetic, and deftly able to round up my sometimes rambling thoughts. Her offer to help clean up after the interview almost took me aback. 

They taped a short segment that was to be telecast separately later in the day. It is now available here. Please enjoy.


Click here for a YouTube clip from the live interview during the morning show.

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