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Free Shipping for Orders $65+. Use code FREESHIP65
Darjeeling Tea First Flush 2021

Darjeeling and Nepal First Flush 2021 are here!

We are delighted to launch our selection of organic Darjeeling first flush 2021 as well as a Nepal first flush from this year. Each of these black teas are special and we hope you will enjoy them. The teas are full of fine spring character - peachy, floral, brisk with exquisite aroma and mouthfeel. They will remind you why Darjeeling tea is often regarded as the champagne of teas.

Darjeeling Tea first flush 2021

These sublime black teas were crafted during very challenging times. As you all know, India is in the throes of a COVID-19 resurgence. Fortunately, the Darjeeling area and much of the north eastern part of the country has been spared from the scourge so far. The anxiety nevertheless permeates all corners of the nation. We had to ship the teas out fast because the tea makers feared another lockdown.

In Nepal, although the situation is not as bad, fear of a surge remains high there as well.

As if COVID was not enough, the tea makers were battling a drought on another front. The winter was very dry and there was not enough spring rain. As a result, the bushes stopped sprouting new leaves mid-way in the season. Consequently, only a limited amount of good quality tea could be made during this prime season.

It is indeed a miracle that we have these splendid teas to enjoy. We are grateful to everyone - those involved in the making of it, and you our dear customers, who have an appreciation for these teas. You keep the miracle going!

We have also a tea sampler set that includes all the Darjeeling tea and Nepal first flush teas from this year. This should make it easy for you to select your favorite or favorites. 

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