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Free Shipping for Orders $65+. Use code FREESHIP65
Darjeeling First Flush, Risheehat Tea Estate

Welcome Spring With Darjeeling First Flush 2024

We're thrilled to announce the arrival of an exceptional new offering at our tea shop—the Darjeeling First Flush from the esteemed Risheehat Tea Estate! This premium organic tea has completely captivated us with its refined elegance and harmonious balance, making it a must-try for any tea lover.
A Season of Challenges and Triumphs
This spring, the Darjeeling tea region faced significant challenges due to near drought conditions, which have led to a decrease in the usual volume of first flush teas. While these adversities have resulted in a increase in price, they have also unexpectedly enhanced the flavors of this year's harvest. The limited rainfall has concentrated the aromatic profiles, creating a Darjeeling First Flush that is remarkably flavorful and aromatic.
Darjeeling First Flush Risheehat Tea Estate
Unique Elegance of Risheehat
The First Flush from Risheehat is a testament to the resilience and unique terroir of Darjeeling. Known for its bright, lively character, this tea offers a sublime experience with every sip. Its delicate yet complex flavor profile is a celebration of the new season and a reflection of the artisanal care with which it is produced.
Exciting Arrivals on the Horizon
Stay tuned, as we are also expecting more delightful selections from Darjeeling. Within the next week or two we will have couple of  equally sublime teas from the prestigious Okayti Tea Estate. These additions promise to further enrich our collection and offer more unique tasting experiences to our cherished customers.
Darjeeling Okayti First Flush 2024
New Chinese Spring Teas
The regions where we source our Chinese teas from also experienced a dry spells during spring. Nevertheless, the quality is still top notch and our Chinese selections should be here anytime now! In addition to Long Jing and Anji Bai Cha, we will have a couple more new delectable green teas for you to enjoy! 
Nepal Take a Bow
Just this week we sampled a bunch of spring teas from Nepal and they are truly outstanding. Like Darjeeling, and China, Nepal too had bouts of dry spells during spring. But it all seems to have only improved the quality of the tea. We are hoping to have the spring teas from Nepal available in about two weeks.
There is so many great teas coming your way. Fire up your kettle and be ready! 
Happy Spring!
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