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Hibiscus Iced Tea

Recipe - Happy Hibiscus Iced Tea

Here is a recipe for one of our popular iced teas at Leaf Tea Bar, "Happy Hibiscus." Made with a blend of our Flor de Jamaica and Rooibos Ginger Lime, the concoction is super refreshing. Don't forget to check out the video at the end. 

Hibiscus tea is made from sepals of the hibiscus flowers. Its tart cranberry-like flavor works perfectly for iced teas. The tea is popular in the Carribean and Central America and Mexico. Hibiscus tea is also known as agua de Jamaica and rosa de Jamaica.

1/2 cup Flor de Jamaica tea
1/8 cup Rooibos Ginger Lime tea
1/2 cup sugar
4 cups hot water
3 cups cold water

Steep the tea in hot water for 10 minutes
Add sugar and stir while steeping
Strain the tea after 10 minutes
Add cold water
Refrigerate to chill
Pour it over ice to serve


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