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Free Shipping on orders $65+. Use code FREESHIP65


  • Tea Garden Visits - India Summer 2019
    August 18, 2019

    Tea Garden Visits - India Summer 2019

    Two things I most love about my job - spending time with customers, and visiting the tea gardens back east. Every time I am driving around the hills where the tea is grown, the beauty of the place makes me feel utterly blessed that I can do this for a living.
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  • India Trip, Summer 2019
    August 16, 2019

    India Trip, Summer 2019

    I just got back from India after a two and a half week trip. Although it was not the intent but me and my travel companion, who in this case happened to be my 12 year old daughter, Tara, ended up "Chasing the Monsoons", like the travel writer Alexander Frater in his once popular book. And like Frater discovering -  in our case rediscovering - the overwhelming life force of India even as the heavens hosed down the sub-continent.
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  • Nepal Tea Arrives in NYT
    June 12, 2019

    Nepal Tea Arrives in NYT

    It was wonderful to see Nepal tea given a lavish spread in New York Times food section recently. We have been selling Nepal tea since spring of 2014. Our customers and us know that these teas are special and have been enjoying every cup of it for all these years. Happy to be ahead of the curve!
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  • St Patrick's Day Green Tea Sale
    March 12, 2019

    St Patrick's Day Green Tea Sale

     Join in the revelry with some really strong green tea which you can have all this week at 15% off! Offer valid both online and at Leaf Tea Bar. And there is no need for coupons! Offer ends March 18. Please don't use existing coupons when availing of this discount. 
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  • Visit to Roji-en, Japanese garden in Delray Beach, Florida
    February 24, 2019

    Visit to Roji-en, Japanese garden in Delray Beach, Florida

    "Strolling through a pine forest or bamboo grove, viewing the rock formations, arrangement of plants, and cascading waterfalls, pausing to ponder the quiet surface of the lake and the shoreline - little by little we are encouraged to lay aside the chaos of a troubled world and gently nurture the capacity within to hear a more harmonious, universal rhythm…This is the tremendous power the Japanese gardens at Morikami Park hold for us." - Hoichi Kurisu, Master Garden Designer of Roji-en.
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  • Toronto Tea Festival, 2019
    February 3, 2019

    Toronto Tea Festival, 2019

    After nine years of residing in Rochester, I finally crossed over to the other side of Ontario Lake, to get to the Canadian city of Toronto - thanks to its annual tea festival. For the efforts - which included an early rise and a hangover from the polar vortex of the century - we were richly rewarded. Our day trip was filled with many cups of warm wonderful teas, encounters with equally warm tea enthusiasts, and topped off by a documentary on Darjeeling tea! 
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  • Photo of Chanoyu
    January 12, 2019

    Happy 2019! We are relocating our store at Eastview Mall

    Happy New Year to all our customers and friends! 

    For Happy Earth Tea 2019 starts with a big change. We have decided to relocate our store in Eastview Mall, Victor, taking it back to our original location in the South Wedge, Rochester. The last date for Leaf at Eastview Mall will be 27 January.

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