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Free Shipping for Orders $65+. Use code FREESHIP65

Spring Exotica, Goomtee Tea

You can always depend on Goomtee tea garden to produce good quality Darjeeling. It is the quiet workhorse of the industry. If you are looking for a classic Darjeeling first flush, sans any stunts, Spring Exotica is for you.

DRY TEA: The leaves are a mix of green, gray-black and brown, with abundant silver tips and a neat satisfying appearance. The leaves also possess a good luster reflecting on the high quality of plucking. It's fragrant with smells of flowers and sweet grass that evoke lush spring foliage.

INFUSION: The leaves turn green with brown streaks. A refreshing sweetness with floral notes and an astringent tinge suffuses the nose.

CUP: The liquor is a lovely golden with a fragrance that is mellow with floral notes. The taste is crisp with finely balanced first flush astringent note.

BREWING INSTRUCTIONS: Do not steep for more than 3 mins.

OCCASION: A good wake-me-up-cheery morning cuppa.

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