Oolong Tea

Oolongs are semi-oxidized teas with a rich diversity. Unlike black tea which is fully oxidized and green tea that is completely unoxidized, oolong teas have anywhere from 12% to 80% oxidation. Generally speaking this can make an oolong as delicate as some green teas or as robust as a black. Further some oolongs go through the additional process of roasting which not only adds complex flavors to the tea, but also makes it suitable for aging. Over time the taste of the aging tea improves.

Most of our oolong teas come from organic tea farms of Taiwan. Even though some of them may not have certification these are small family run farms that are known to be careful about pesticide application. Our oolong teas are curated by a local Taiwanese tea master from whom we have been learning about tea for the last 10 years. It is matter of great honor to offer teas selected by him at our store!

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