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Pico Iyer and Darjeeling

One of my favorite writers talking about Darjeeling?!

I am glad that Pico Iyer has Darjeeling to assist him at his writing desk. Hopefully, he was not paid to say it. Would Pico do that? A guy who lived for several years in an old temple in Kyoto seeking Zen? Or climbing some hill in California to interview Leonard Cohen, now a zen monk and whose songs I still pour into my cup? I also for the first time heard it from Iyer describing a group of people that had completely mixed up origins, to which he would belong, and now my children, a "rootless" generation. I kind of like that idea in a philosophical sense. No single group can claim such a person; they belong to the world.    

Anyway some random thoughts this Saturday morning...

To get back to the point, this is a lovely video by the Indian tourism department, shows some beautiful images from Darjeeling, and I wanted to share it with you. It is an old video, but nothing has changed. The tea is as good, and the locals as smiley. Save the final shot of the woman with nose-ring. I guess she was just nervous looking into the camera!

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